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Marta Melinda Pap - holistic healer
Neuro Change Practicioner
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Marta Melinda Pap, Clinic Owner, Reiki-Master-Teacher

The Reiki healing, chakra balancing, and life coaching I offer help my clients increase their energy, improve their mental and emotional balance, enrich their relationships, and find more joy in life. Many clients experience miraculous results in their lives both personally and professionally. Whether you’re looking to clear your energies for more clarity or focus, find your life purpose, or attract your soulmate, energy healing can align you with your highest potential.

Over the last 13 years, I have worked with thousands of clients and trained over 228 Reiki practitioners and 33 Reiki Masters in the GTA. My area of specialty lies in working with young professionals and business owners. Through my previous experience, I have a deep understanding of the corporate world and its demands on my clients, and we’re able to steer away from stress and into success mentally, emotionally, and physically. Reiki can be a wonderful addition to your stress management skills, so clients are highly recommended to take the Reiki class or experience Reiki by receiving a REIKI or Chakra Balancing treatment. 

In order to better serve my clients and their growing needs for holistic health, I opened the Healing Bay Wellness clinic in 2018, working alongside a number of health and wellness experts. My background lies in business management, and over time, I have also completed many qualifications in the healing arts area, including Reiki I & II (2006), Reiki Master (2009), Reiki-Master-Teacher (2011), crystals, chakras, and angel therapy (2008), thai yoga massage (2010), past life regression hypnosis (2015), the Neuro Change Master (2018), and Akashic records reading (2021). In 2023 I’ve successfully graduated from my Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology and currently getting registered as a Psychotherapist in Ontario, Canada. My area of expertise lies in MBCT mindfulness-based-cognitive-therapy and Gottman couples therapy. 

If you want to get results, book your appointment with me today. If you want to save money, my junior practitioners are available for bookings. Visit our healing center to find balance for your body, mind, and spirit. Don’t miss your opportunity to live to your fullest potential! Book your appointment below.

“Marta helps burnt-out professionals who have difficulty achieving balance and purpose harness their emotional energy for better health and wellness and overall mood. She is a Reiki Master and one of Toronto’s leading authorities in energy healing and chakra balancing. With over a decade of experience in transforming lives and her expertise in recovery and healing, Marta’s work has helped unravel the subtle connection between the chakra system, Reiki, and our ability to self-heal. Marta has also overcome her mental health and anxiety struggles by combining Eastern techniques with Western science. Her work is compared to the famous Christie Marie Sheldon, where she works with her intuition and can clear the energy field with her famous chakra balancing treatments.” The Wellness Universe 2019, SoulTV 2022