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Clinic Rental

Clinic Rooms Rental Rates 2024:

Looking for a professional space to grow your practice and serve your clients? Look no further! Our wellness center offers clinic treatment room rental, providing therapists and practitioners with the perfect environment to conduct sessions and offer their services. Whether you’re a counsellor, holistic healer, or any other wellness professional, our clinic rooms offer a serene and professional setting to connect with your clients and facilitate healing journeys. With flexible rental options tailored to your needs, our wellness center is the ideal destination to cultivate your practice and make a meaningful impact in your community.

RMT, Massage Therapy Room (200 sqft)

With a nice sink, towel holder, shelves, massage table

  • Ideal for RMT, Nurse Injector, Lash technician, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Acupuncture, Reiki
  • Available Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sun. 8 am- 9 pm, 
  • Part-time treatment room rental: 2 days a week, $350+hst/month, 4 days a week $550+hst/month 
  • Casual therapy room rental possible: $90/8 hrs. between hours of 8 am-9 pm, please click below to book the space. 
Room for massage therapy, room for rent
Psychotherapy clinic treatment room rental

Psychotherapy treatment room rental (450 sqft)

With a large window, lots of natural sunshine, meeting table, desk, chairs, bookshelf

  • Ideal for psychotherapy or psychology 
  • Big comfortable therapy chairs 
  • Beautiful design for talk therapy and group therapy workshops
  • Desk space, ideal for in-person or virtual sessions
  • Bookcase with intellectual books
  • Available:  Tues. 8-11am, 3-9pm, Wed. 6-9pm, Thurs. 8-11am, Sat. all-day 8 am-9 pm 
  • Rental rate: $350+hst/month for 1 day a week, $500+hst for 2 days a week, or $350/month for 10 anytime hours from the above availability. 
  • 1 day = 8 hrs or 1/2 day is 4 hrs rental
  • Casual treatment room rental: $150/day ideal for workshops on Saturday, please click below to book this space 
clinic room rental Mimico Toronto

Multifunctional Treatment Room

  • This multifunctional clinic treatment room is ideal for MD aestheticians, psychotherapists, doctor’s offices, travel clinics or naturopathic medicine
  • Professionally furnished to suit various needs
  • Nice storage room and sink included 
  • Wonderful design and spacious 350 sqft
  • Bright and beautiful lighting, beach theme
  • Currently rented full-time
  • Casual treatment room rental possible: $110/per 8 hours between hours of 8 am-9 pm. Please click below to book a casual rental. 
Clinic rental in downtown Toronto

Downtown Location: Queens' Quay & Spadina

  • Part of a nice spa located by the lakeside. 
  • Tastefully furnished, ideal for ND, RMT, acupuncture, psychotherapy.
  • Available: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am-3pm, for $500/month all inclusive.  
  • Casual rental is not possible here. 

Fully equipped reception & kitchenette for clients & staff convenience in Mimico

Healing space in Toronto - kitchen
Heal by the lake Toronto