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Initial Chakra Balancing (90 mins. in-person)


Initial Chakra Balancing (90 mins. in-person)


Do you feel like you’re not reaching your full potential in life even though you’re doing everything right? You’re practicing yoga, eating healthy, meditating regularly, and exercising, but still feel like something is missing? Do you feel blocked energetically in your Chakras and what to find how to release those blocks? If that’s the case, you might be interested in an integrated energy-healing treatment plan that can help you restore balance within your body, mind, and spirit.

During the 90-minute Chakra Balancing session, you’ll learn a four-step process to unlock your full potential and release all the barriers hindering your way.

The session includes:
• A 20-minute Energy Assessment and Chakra Map of energetic blocks and emotions holding you back
• A 10-minute Shamanic Cleanse of your Aura with buffalo white sage
• A 50-minute Integrated Energy Healing with REIKI, healing crystals, and sound healing to balance your energy centres and chakras
• A 10-minute Closing message and Angelic guidance, oracle card message.

For maximum results and resources, I recommend booking the “Find Your Balance” package, which includes four sessions. Don’t wait, book your treatment today and start uncovering your full potential!



Experience Master Marta’s Chakra Balancing, a comprehensive energy healing that includes an aura reading, chakra mapping, and healing with crystals, sound, and angelic guidance, for optimal alignment.