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Covid19 Virtual Healing Assistance


Covid19 Virtual Healing Assistance


Did you test positive for Covid19 and need urgent help to clear, boost your energies? During this session Master Marta or Brandon LaForty checks your energy field; clears away the black stagnant energies; boost your immunity with chanting, Reiki healing, Rifle frequencies, Master Sha blessings, and Angel Therapy. Excellent if you or your family member tested positive and you or loved ones are in need of immediate relief. Special introductory price $111 for 60 mins. virtual session. It can be booked for Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays either for yourself or loved ones. Proven to be a great support during the most painful days. 


Have you tested positive for Covid19 and looking for immediate relief and a boost of energy? Look no further and book this session to ease the pain.