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REIKI student special

REIKI student special


Have you been wondering what it is that’s continuing to hold you back from achieving your full potential in life? Have you been doing all the right things (yoga, meditation, eating healthy, exercising) but still feel that you’re missing an important ingredient?

Are you looking for a complete treatment plan that encompasses the secret to unlock your full potential in all areas of your life? Are you ready to release all the barriers hindering your way? Restore balance in your body, mind and spirit today! Especially recommended during times of uncertainty to find balance and peaceful, harmonious energies.

This is a complete package and includes the following services and bonus products:

  • $60/hour or $150/3 hrs.
  • Recent Reiki II. graduates
  • Completing their 25 practice hours
  • Supervision from Master Marta
  • Held at Healing Bay Wellness on Fridays
  • 60 mins REIKI session for overall healing & well-being
  • Excellent for those who want to save money and try REIKI


These sessions can be done in person or virtually.


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