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Chakra Healing Class


Chakra Healing Class

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Many of you probably heard or read about the 7 main Energy centers (or Chakras). But what do they really mean? Why is everyone talking about them? Why are they important to our everyday life? This comprehensive course material combines all you need to know about Chakras, and provides invaluable information on how to keep balance in your body-mind-spirit. It supports Marta’s specialty healing treatment, Chakra balancing in between and after the treatments. Your healing development will be improved greatly and can be used with all modalities.

Course outline:

1. General overview, Chakra Quiz, Why are Chakras important? 2. How are they connected to our Endocrine system and Hormonal functioning? Explain the characteristics of each energy center. Correlation to colours, crystals, planet. 3. How do we know which Chakra is blocked? Be your own healer! What are warning signs? 4. Learn self healing meditation techniques to better your health! 5. Learn Chakra yoga moves 6. Meditation, Homework, Exercise


Main topics to be discovered are the following:

1. What are your 7 or 11 main Chakras (energy centers), and what emotional/physical health areas are they related to? What is their importance?

2. What do the different Chakra colours represent and what are their meanings? How can you enhance the functioning of your Chakras by using different Crystals or Essential oils?

3. What Meditation techniques can be used daily to improve the energy flow in your body? Learn to use different Sounds, or chanting Mantras to relax your mind and to ease into meditation.

4, The class will be lead you through a couple of Guided meditation sessions to demonstrate the exercises, and the effectiveness of the techniques.

5. Learn yoga moves that will open specific chakra centers.