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Crystal Healing

Amethyst crystal

Crystals are very helpful as healing aids and are therefore capable of bringing far more than only beauty into our lives. For centuries, crystal healing is a technique that has been utilized in a variety of aboriginal cultures such as Native Americans and Native Tibetans by harnessing the healing attributes of certain stones. Marta is a licensed Crystal Healer Master and has been using blessed crystals in her practice for many years. Her clients appreciate and feel the genuine healing benefits of these naturally healing stones.

Crystals contain healing energy that can benefit both mind and body. When used in collaboration with other healing techniques such as Chakra balancing, crystals help to induce and emphasize the desired effects of the treatment. Most of the time, my Chakra balancing treatment therefore includes both crystals and sound therapy using Tibetan singing bowls. The end result is something truly healing. Upon request, I can also program a personal crystal that you can carry around with you on a daily basis, using it as meditation stone or as a support to your healing process.

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