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Reiki practitioners trained by Master Marta

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First name Last name Reiki Level Year completed Location Special skills Price 60 mins Reiki room
Miroslav Boscovic Master 2022 North york Chakras $100 Basement
Cindy Gentile Master 2023 Woodbridge Facials $90 Spa
Franka Armata Master 2023 Woodbridge Reiki $90 Spa
Angela Argentina Master 2015 Toronto Yoga $110 Studio
Irma Valiente Master 2023 Owen Sound RSW $80 Home
Nicole LeBlanc Master 2018 North york Facials $110 Spa
Jessica Copp Master 2015 Halifax Teacher $90 Home
Donna Manson Master 2015 Labrador Native $80 Home
John Opaszky Master 2016 Edmonton Angels $80 Home
Angela Burrows Master 2015 Kitchener Angels $110 Spa
Sandra Samaroo Level II 2023 Brampton RSW $60 HealingBay
Daniella Tomotani Level II 2023 King/Portland N/A $60 Alt.Healer

Reiki rooms of our practitioners:

Reiki ladies
reiki room
reiki room
Miroslav reiki