Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods - medium in Toronto

Dowsing involves a simple tool called a dowsing rod. According to the British Dowsers Society, the tool “is simply an extension of the human response, giving clearer signals than can be detected without them.” The dowsing rod, or ‘rods’, is typically constructed in a V-shape that is held with a prong in each hand, or it may come in a pair of angled L-shapes that are held parallel during a dowsing search. Some dowsers prefer to use a pendulum or straight wand.

Marta uses dowsing rods to measure a person’s energetic field and to receive intuitive messages. She is also licensed in pendulums, using them to find missing people or pets. Both are excellent tools, and she loves teaching about them and how they can be used as divination tools in daily life. This means that you can learn to achieve a better connection to your subconscious mind and higher self by using dowsing rods or a pendulum with ease!

It’s an extremely simple tool that holds a lot of potential to help you make the right and important decisions in your everyday life. Join our Dowsing Rods and Pendulum Class now and become an expert in connecting to your subconscious levels and higher self to channel guidance in making the best decisions for yourself!

Discover everything you need to know about using dowsing rods, including how to eliminate harmful frequencies in your home and find the best property for yourself. Learn more about dowsing, predict the future, and measure your aura field or any other object. Dowsing is such a versatile tool that can become your best friend in every aspect of life! Don’t miss out on the upcoming classes!

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