Energy Healing - Health Benefits

Accelerate healing by relaxing the body-mind-spirit.
– Assist the body in cleansing toxins.
– Balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages.
– Help the client contact the ‘healer within.’
– Feeling more focused and centered after the treatment.
– Connection to higher self awakens.
– Ability to overcome life’s challenges with ease.
– More balanced energies over time.
– Sense of balance and well-being.
– Helps with many conditions such as depression, anxiety etc.
– It is considered Preventative Medicine.

Conditions Treated

Lack of energy, motivation, direction
– Anxiety, depression
– Stress-related problems
– Burnout
– Broken heart
– Spiritual direction
– Digestive issues
– Physical pain & injuries
– Infertility, hormonal imbalance
– Heart conditions
– Cancer (usually early stages)