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Office Wellness

Office meditation class

Are you an HR professional or business owner? Is your company in need of a mental boost? Are your employees lacking energy or performing at low productivity? What are some of the things you can do to clear the energies? Office Meditations and Energy Clearing sessions are specifically designed with the business environment in mind to compliment any kind of wellness program!

Companies with low levels of productivity often have the ability to achieve much more, but have factors holding them back from reaching their full potential. These factors lead to money being wasted and ground being lost to competitors. Employees who are experiencing personal problems or difficulties at work tend to be less productive, and low energy, stress and poor health can contribute to equally low levels of productivity. The energies in the office might result from one or several different types of stress such as difficult customers, overwhelming workloads, negative thinking or workplace politics. 

We design Corporate Wellness Events to boost morale, and employee satisfaction at the workplace. We believe Health and Wellness should be a priority to all companies and offer various programs such as office meditations, teach about health and nutrition and how to boost energies throughout the day! Call or email for a corporate quote so we can design a wellness program that fits your company’s needs. Wellness consultations with HR teams are also available! Virtual sessions can be arranged and work very well to help employees during times of uncertainties. Please refer to office meditations page under classes for more detailed descriptions.

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