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Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy

Dr. Brian Weiss, a renowned psychiatrist and author, discovered that memories are not only stored in the present but also from the beginning of time. According to his findings, the subconscious mind is not limited by the boundaries of logic, time, or space. Past life regression therapy has become a widely used therapeutic tool because it can help us comprehend and heal our current physical, mental, and emotional issues that might be causing problems in our daily lives.

When it comes to past life therapy, the mind has the power to heal the body, and the body can heal the mind. The therapy involves revisiting past lives to discover the root cause of the issue that is causing problems in our current life. Often, simply discovering the underlying cause of an issue from our past can result in a sense of relief and enable us to move on. By returning to an earlier point in time, we can safely relive certain experiences and choose a different, more peaceful outcome that would benefit us both in the present and future.

Past life regression therapy can be used to rid ourselves of any traumatic incidents from past lives. This therapy has been found to be effective in resolving several issues such as anger, anxiety, phobias, depression, and physical pain, which may not be currently explainable.

Marta, an experienced therapist, usually recommends past life regression therapy after a few sessions of energetic cleansing (Chakra balancing) when she feels that the blocks are more deeply rooted and require further treatment to release them. Energetic cleansing is a process that involves balancing the Chakras, which are the energy centers in the body. By balancing the Chakras, the energy flow in the body is restored, leading to a sense of calmness and well-being.

If you are struggling with any physical, emotional, or mental issues and feel like you have tried everything, it might be worth considering past life regression therapy. Book your consultation with Marta today to find out if this therapy is the right choice for you!

Using hypnosis to travel to previous lifetimes, we can safely uncover past trauma and release it. Now let’s book your Past Life Regression!


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