Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy

According to Dr. Brian Weiss, memories are said to be stored from the beginning of time up until the present. The subconscious mind is not limited by imposing boundaries of logic, time and space. Past life regression is a therapeutic tool used to understand and heal current symptoms of physical, mental and emotional issues that may be causing you problems in your day to day life.

In past life therapy, just as the mind heals the body, the body can also heal the mind. Sometimes this is simply a matter of discovering the past origin of the issue. When the core issue is revealed and resolved, the symptoms will often disappear on their own. By going back through time, we can relive the experience safely and choose a different, more peaceful outcome that serves us well in both our present and future. In relieving ourselves of any traumatic experiences we may have suffered in a past life, we’re able to free our body, mind and spirit in  our current life, resulting in the resolution of issues such as anger, anxiety, phobias, depression, or even physical pains that do not have a current explanation.

Past Life Regression therapy is usually recommended by Marta only after a few sessions of energetic cleansing (Chakra balancing), when she feels that the blocks are more deeply-rooted and require further treatment in order to release them. Schedule your consultation to find out if this is the right treatment option for you!

Using hypnosis to travel to previous lifetimes, we can safely uncover past trauma and release it. Now let’s book your Past Life Regression!