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Price list

REIKI Healing & Coaching Offerings
by Master Marta

Remote energy healing in Toronto

3 sessions (2 months)

Virtual Chakra Balancing
(on Zoom)

Initial Energy Assessment

Chakra Map to discuss blockages

Release Energetic Stagnancy w Distant REIKI, Crystals, Sound & Angel healing

2 Follow-ups in 21 days 

Feel lighter and more balanced

From the comfort of your home

Bonus: Mindfulness e-book

Effective distantly 

Find more clarity and peace

Chakra healing & balancing pricing

4 sessions (3 months)

"Find Your Balance 2024"
(In-person Toronto or Mimico)

Initial Energy Assessment

Chakra Map to discuss blockages

Initial Chakra Balancing (90 mins.) w. REIKI, Crystals, Sound & Angel healing

2 Follow-Up Sessions (75 mins.) Chakra Balancing to raise frequencies

1 Past-Life Regression, Mindset or Soulmate coaching (90 mins)

FREE Resources: Chakra, Crystals & Meditation E-book

Blessed Healing Crystal 

House blessing in Toronto prices

2 sessions (1 month)

"Serenity at Home or Office" Combo
(In-person or Virtual)

Clear and align the energy in your home, business & personal life

Recommended after Break-up, Divorce, Sale, or a New Home or stagnant businesses

Condo or Business Blessing (up to 1000 sqft in the downtown core)

Initial Chakra Balancing Session for the Owner (90 mins) 

Clear Stagnant or Toxic Energy and align to Health, Wellness & Love <3

Crystal Consultation for Abundance


Spiritual healing in Toronto

6 bi-weekly sessions (3 months)

Life Path Healing & Coaching

Initial Chakra Balancing (90 mins) to clear and align energies

2 Follow-up Chakra Balancing to elevate your frequencies & vibrations  (75 mins.)

Soul Purpose Reading: Discover your Life Path w. Akashic Reading & Angel Guidance (75 mins) 

Find & Remove Limiting Blocks w Regression (90 mins)

Learn a Manifestation technique w NLP & Neuro Change Method (75 mins)

FREE: Purposeful Life & Powerful Affirmations E-book


Reiki healing course online price

Chakra REIKI Master Training

Designed for people who want to launch a career in REIKI healing

Training is over 6 months and includes Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master Training 

Opportunity to get 25 REIKI practice hours at our healing centre

Supplementary courses to elevate your knowledge: Chakra & Crystal Healing, Angel Therapy, Radiesthesia Certificates 

Learn how to open your REIKI Business, Tips & Resources

1 Reiki Mentorship hour w Master Marta 

Full REIKI Resources

c$399 / monthly

Neuro Change Method

8 weekly sessions (2-4 months)

Executive Coaching

Based on the Neuro Change Method taylored for busy executives

Science-backed techniques and practical exercises to maximize your brain’s full potential 

Purpose & Flow workbook to understand your WHY 

Learn about Belief Systems, Mindset, Subconscious Mind, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroplasticity over 8 weeks of private coaching (virtual)

Taught by professors, delivered by Master Trainer Melinda

Coach training is also available! 


Working Together:

Reiki Master-Teacher Marta is renowned for her expertise in Energy Healing, Life Coaching, and Psychotherapy, she has built a stellar reputation by helping thousands of individuals realize their potential. By blending integrated healing methodologies (Chakra Balancing), she empowers urban professionals to connect with their highest selves. Having trained over 250 practitioners in Reiki and other holistic modalities nationwide, Master Marta offers customized pricing options above to attain desired results.

Master Marta specializes in working with professional clients who are dedicated to achieving transformative results and are ready to invest in her services for a period of three months to one year. Clients can choose from the Integrated Healing Packages mentioned above to facilitate a significant energetic shift in their lives. Please note that she does not offer individual Reiki sessions, other than Distant Reiki requests as her work is inherently transformative and requires both time and effort from the client, necessitating an investment in the comprehensive healing packages. We offer competitive monthly subscription packages for those who wish to continue their sessions. 

For those seeking simple relaxation or a Reiki treatment, Reiki student practitioners offer lower-cost services to low income potential clients. As in any profession, more experienced and qualified Reiki practitioners have higher rates. To save on costs, consider booking a session with a student Reiki practitioner.

Payment Methods:

MasterCard, Visa,  American Express, checks and cash.  Most insurance companies cover our treatments under Reiki, Hypnosis, Energy Healing or Life Coaching. Please consult with your insurance company first!


If you are unable to keep an appointment, we kindly ask that you provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice. We ask for this advance notice so that we can offer the open appointment time to another client. A fee will be charged for clients who fail to show up for an appointment without sufficient notice.

Insurance Coverage:

There are insurance companies within Canada who offer Reiki as a paid benefit in their Extended Health Care package. You would have to call them directly and find out if it is covered! Most of our clients with good health benefits with larger corporations are able to submit their receipts under Reiki, Energy healing, Life coaching, Hypnosis or Iridology Assessment.

Low-Income Clients or People Experiencing Financial Hardships:

We provide a referral network to our Junior Reiki Masters or Student Reiki Practitioner services for low-income individuals. Based on your budget and specific healing needs, we can help you find the right student practitioner for you.  Please keep in mind we do not have quality control in place and cannot guarantee results from the Reiki students. They all work individually at their spaces. They also do not offer Master Marta’s signature integrative sessions. 

Coupon Code: 

If you want to save by booking an appointment on the weekdays between 12-3pm, we offer seniors and students 10% off. Please enter code: “senior”, “student” or “happyhour” at the time of booking.