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Results-Focused Integrated Healing/Coaching Packages

Find the package that suits your needs..

Remote energy healing in Toronto

2 months - 3 sessions

Virtual Chakra Balancing

Initial Energy Assessment
Chakra Map to discuss blockages 
Release Energetic Stagnancy
2 Follow-ups virtually
Feel lighter and more balanced 
From the comfort of your home
Bonus: Mindfulness e-book 
Effective distantly  
Find more clarity and peace


This package is designed for those who prefer virtual energy healing. Excellent for clearing any energetic blocks, and aligning the energies with virtual chakra balancing and life coaching. Job well done! 

Chakra healing & balancing

3 Months - 4 sessions

Find Your Balance (in-person)

Initial Energy Assessment &
Detailed Chakra Map (30 mins)
3 Chakra Balancing with Integrated Energy Healing methods 
1 Past-Life Regression
Archangel Guidance (10 mins) 
Chakra & Meditation E-book
Crystal Healing E-Book
Aromatherapy Chakra Bracelet


Best Chakra Balancing in the GTA! Find out what’s holding you back with Energy Assessment. Clear your energy blocks and start feeling amazing again both in your personal and professional life. 

House blessing in Toronto

1 month - 2 session

Combination Package

Personal & Business Use
1 Chakra Balancing  
1 Home or Business blessing up to 2000 sqfeet in the GTA 

Find Serenity & Peace
Clear stagnant or toxic energy from your Home or Business 
Create Abundance with Crystals 
Find Laser Focus & Clarity


This package is designed for those who are in need of energetic cleanse for their personal & business life. We recommend more than 1 chakra balancing but this is a great starter package. 

Spiritual healing in Toronto

4 Months - 6 sessions

Life Path Coaching

Virtual Discovery Session
Mind Map Creation
Remove Limiting Blocks
Soul Purpose Reading
Vision Board for Life path
Manifestation technique
NLP & Neuro Change Method
Affirmations E-book
Blessed Clear Quartz

c$220/ monthly

Have you recently lost your job or been laid off? What is your life purpose? Get aligned with your soul’s purpose with this Life Path Coaching package and manifest your dream job into reality! Guaranteed results!

Soulmate coaching - Love Coaching

5 Months - 8 sessions

Soulmate Coaching

Aura Reading of Love Blocks
Energy Clearing & Healing
Release Cord to Past Lovers
Clear Your Limiting Beliefs
Learn the Law of Attraction
Create Map to Desired Love
Manifestation of Soulmate
Affirmations E-book
Blessed Love Crystal

c$220/ monthly

Are you ready to release past lovers and attract your soulmate? This is the perfect package for you! We find and clear limiting blocks; and align you to attract the love of your dreams. True love and happiness awaits!

Reiki healing course online

6 months - 150 hrs training

Chakra Reiki Master

Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master
Chakra Healing Certificate
Angel Therapy Certificate
Crystal Healing Certificate
Dowsing Rods & Pendulums
Reiki Business Training
25 Practice hours
1 Reiki Coaching hour
Full Reiki Resources

c$399 / monthly

Is your dream to become a healer? Learn from the best Reiki-Master-Teacher in Toronto and be fully prepared to launch your new career in 6 months or 150 hours of completion. Classes are held in-person or virtually.

Individual session prices with Master Marta

Initial Chakra Balancing (Includes Energy Reading, Chakra Map, Clearing of Blocks and Angel Guidance)

$200-$220 (90mins-2 hrs. initial session)

Life Coaching (mindset, soulmate, life path), Past-Life Regression, Hypnosis, NLP, Neuro Change 

same as above, your 1st session will be transformational therefore leave ample of time

Follow-ups (in-person) to any of the above

$150 (75 mins.) ; 3 sessions for $388, or $125/monthly

Virtual (zoom) sessions possible to any of above

$150 (90 mins.) ; 3 sessions for $375, or $110/monthly

Distant Healing for loved ones or pets (3 times 20 mins per week) happens distantly

$90 (1 week), $240 (3 weeks)

Other Healing Associates

Reiki Healing with Junior Reiki Master;

Reconnective Healing; Holistic Healing Massage; Registered Massage Therapy RMT

$90 (60 mins.), 3 sessions special $240

Energy Healing for Business Use

Condo Energy Clearing & Blessing (1.5-2 hrs)

$300 (1000 sqft)

Home or Office Energy Clearing & Blessing (3-4 hrs.)

$450 (2000 sqft), $600 (3000 sqft)

Office Meditations, Corporate Wellness (virtual or In-person)

$220 (45 mins for 20 ppl.)

Working Together:

Master Marta is a well respected Energy Healer, Life Coach, Psychotherapist and a Reiki-Master-Teacher with a proven track record and helped thousands of individuals. She combines all her modalities to help urban professionals get aligned to their highest potential. Also, she has trained over 180 Reiki and other holistic healing practitioners all across Canada. As a result, she likes to work with clients who are committed to life changing results and also are happy to invest into her services. Please pick one of the above Integrated Healing Packages to create an energetic shift in your life! Marta’s work is said to be compared to Christie Sheldon, the famous energy coach in L.A. If you are looking for a simple relaxation or a Reiki treatment, please book the Junior Reiki practitioners. They have all been trained by Master Marta provide exceptional Reiki healing services and work at a lower price range.

Payment Methods:

MasterCard, Visa,  American Express, checks and cash.  Most insurance companies cover our treatments under Reiki, Hypnosis, Energy Healing or Life Coaching. Please consult with your insurance company first!


If you are unable to keep an appointment, we kindly ask that you provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice. We ask for this advance notice so that we can offer the open appointment time to another client. A fee will be charged for clients who fail to show up for an appointment without sufficient notice.

Insurance Coverage:

There are insurance companies within Canada who offer Reiki as a paid benefit in their Extended Health Care package. You would have to call them directly and find out if it is covered! Most of our clients with good health benefits with larger corporations are able to submit their receipts under Reiki, Energy healing, Life coaching, Hypnosis or Iridology Assessment.

Low-Income Clients or People Experiencing Financial Hardships:

For those who have low-income or who are in need, we offer Junior Reiki Masters or Student Reiki Practitioner services Depending on your budget and specific healing needs, we can find the right student practitioner. 

** Please note our junior Reiki practitioners only offer Reiki; they are not licensed to offer Aura Measurements, Aura Cleansing or Energy Balancing, Life Coaching and can’t provide advice as these services are specific to Master Marta’s signature integrative sessions.