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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

This is the time of year, when many people take on spring cleaning projects inside and outside their homes. Since we put so much time and

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Kale Salad - alternative healing in Toronto

Vegan Healing

My Journey to Veganism by Sherry Saeb, Junior Reiki Master  I decided to become a vegetarian in 2008 to have a healthier diet and stop

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Immunity Elixir - healing store in Toronto

Boost your Immunity

Article written by Boutiana Bouabdalli, Junior Reiki Master and Herb Specialist My body is a temple. The concept goes beyond physical fitness, or yoga, and

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Iridology pic - healing centre in Toronto

Iridology for Immunity

Written by Dr. Peter Tamas, Clinical Director With many people getting through – and most recover form – COVID-19 infections, we learn more and more

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Happy people - Office meditation, corporate wellness

Mindset Coaching

Some of the most influential people throughout history have found success because of their mindset. For many of these people, they have taken an approach

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