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Life Path Coaching


Life Path Coaching


6 sessions package + FREE follow-up + resources

  • Discovery session (1 hour)
  • Life Path reading: find your soul’s purpose (1 hour)
  • Mind map to clear limiting thoughts & feelings (1 hour)
  • Create your dream job with soul alignment (1 hour)
  • Action steps to manifestation and vision board (1 hour)
  • NLP affirmations to manifest goals (1hour)
  • Homework with each session
  • FREE 30 mins. Follow-up in a month
  • FREE Productivity E-book
  • FREE Manifestation E-book


Are you looking for your life path? A new career to make your heart sing? Perhaps a heart-based business? A career option where you can use your gifts. This package is excellent for those who feel stuck. Guaranteed results in 4 months time. Most clients start making $20,000 more after they complete their Life Path Coaching package.