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Virtual Chakra Balancing (3 Pack Special)


Virtual Chakra Balancing (3 Pack Special)


Are you looking for support during times of uncertainty? Do you feel anxious and nervous about the future? Experience energy healing relief right at the comfort of your home! Marta’s aura cleanse and energy (chakra) healing, balancing over video conference (Skype/Zoom) is a very powerful! Energy healing sessions work over long-distance just as well as you were to visit our healing office!

This package includes 1 Initial energy clearing (90mins) and 2 follow-up virtual (75 mins) sessions over Zoom or Skype. During the first 90 mins. session and 2 follow-ups Master Marta will examine your energy field, clear your energy blocks, send distant healing, then check for the results. To close you will receive an angel message through the Angel oracle cards. Very effective during times of uncertainties and any time you have questions or trying to make decisions.

This virtual package also comes with Herbal Healing and Reiki101 e-book bonuses! An excellent addition to your spiritual knowledge and personal development.


Virtual Energy Healing can provide great support during times of uncertainties. The energy healing is done over Zoom or Skype, and include energy healing, clearing and angel guidance.