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Chakra healing - chakra map

Do you wonder what is holding you back in your life? Are you feeling exhausted mentally and physically? Do you feel like something is off but can’t quite get a hold of what it may be? Have you heard of energy healing but not quite sure what it is? Then we recommend to come for an Energy (chakra) Assessment to get an overview of your Chakra (energy) system. Based on Radiesthesia measurements and initial discussion, we will start working on the problem, stagnant areas. The chakras are connected with every area of your life so getting a reading will allow you to better understand the root cause of your problems. Many physical aliments have emotional roots and through the chakras, Master Marta can have a better understanding of the blocks in your energy center.

The Energy Assessment with the detailed Chakra Reading and Map is about 30 mins. long, followed by clearing of the energy field, aligning the chakras to your highest potential. Master Marta has over 15 years of experience in the field of energy healing, she is an Angel Medium and able to create energetic shifts for people to gain higher frequencies and vibrations for the law of attraction in their lives. She works with a league of angels and able to bring healing messages and revelations to clients. Her main angels at work are Archangel Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, and Chamuel. Sometimes loved ones come through during the Chakra Reading and if they do Master Marta can channel that message to you. She’s been featured on TV and Radio and can guarantee results after 4-5 sessions. Book your appointment today! 


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