Reiki level 1&2 Combo Class


Reiki level 1&2 Combo Class


I highly recommend taking this Reiki training because it provides a tremendous support to your everyday life. The universal flow of energy surrounds us all day, and Reiki offers a simple but effective method to keep your balance. Reiki healing is based on the philosophy of healing with the hands, so after receiving initiation, you can simply feel the flow of universal energy in your hands.

Level 1: This Reiki training is for self-healing and well-being, and also to use on friends and family. You will learn how to provide ancient energy healing technique using your hands to balance your body, mind and spirit. You will also learn how to heal plants and animal. The class starts with a history and principles of Reiki, continues with meditations, techniques to cleanse your own energy field. The Reiki training concludes with attunement and practice.

Level 2: During this Reiki training you will receive additional powerful Reiki symbols that enable for further healing. You will also learn how to heal someone from a distance. The traditional ancient symbols on this level are 70X more powerful than in level 1 so your healing becomes shorter in time frame and more efficient on others.

Take this combo to enrich all areas of your life 🙂



Reiki healing is a beautiful ancient Japanese healing technique that teaches you how to channel healing light from the Universe through your hands. Sometimes called the Love energy or the Motherly touch as well, this healing technique offers comfort to the whole family.