Distance Healing

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What is distance healing?

Distance healing is an alternative to in-person Reiki healing, performed by Master Marta at a distance when the recipient is unable to be present for an in-person session. It’s a form of energetic healing sent across space and time to the wellness of the recipient. When channeled, the Reiki healing energy has the intention to heal so it will positively affect the recipient. Stretching beyond the limits of time and space, distance healing sends energy healing to reach the client even when overseas. It’s similar to sending a prayer, good intention or positive thoughts. The one difference is that universal Reiki healing energy is sent specifically to the condition making it a more powerful form than a prayer where miracles can happen. 

How does it work?

The client sends Master Marta the request by submitting an email with the loved one’s photo, current address, and condition that they want the person to recover from, or by specifying the event as well as permission to send the healing to the recipient. The more specific the intention, the easier the healing will be. The distant energy is sent three times a week for 20 minutes at a time, every other day, at 7.30am or 9.30pm. You can pick a time and make sure the person receiving the healing energy is relaxing for that time frame. It’s recommended to get a few weeks’ worth of sessions in order to see improvement in the person’s condition. Master Marta gives an overview of the weekly developments by email. 

When is distance healing recommended? 

It’s recommended for loved ones in hospital, children, pets, or relatives overseas, i.e. someone going through surgery, a pet suffering from cancer, or a child sick in hospital. Many of our clients ask for distance healing when their loved ones or pets are unwell or in need of healing, but can’t make it to the office or even go on video conference, or when they live overseas. 

Someone can also request distance healing for themselves before an important appointment or date such as an exam, going to court, preparing for surgery, going on a trip, attending an interview, or participating in a wedding ceremony. The distance Reiki healing should be requested a week before leading up to the event to ensure optimal results. 

What’s the difference between distance healing and virtual chakra balancing?

Master Marta offers both distant healing and virtual chakra balancing; however, these are different healing modalities. Distance healing is Reiki healing sent from a distance and sent at 20-minute intervals, offline. Virtual chakra balancing is an integrated energy healing that’s 90 minutes long and happens over video conference. This covers a full chakra balancing session, including energy assessment, energy clearing, and balancing. If you’re looking to clear your energies and become aligned to your highest potential, try to make it to the office or a virtual chakra balancing! However, if it’s for someone else who cannot attend in-person or virtual chakra balancing, your next best bet is distant healing. 

Examples of distance healing successes

  • Mrs. Smith fell into a coma and Mr. Smith requested distance healing to be sent for 4 weeks before Mrs. Smith woke up from her coma, fully recovered. Mr. Smith believed she was going to wake up and Master Marta kept channeling her feelings of not giving up and waking up at the end.
  • Julie M. requested distance healing for her niece in England because she was sick in a children’s hospital with leukemia. Master Marta sent healing energy for 3 weeks, and her surgery was successful; she recovered from her condition miraculously. 
  • Mike W. requested distance healing for himself, as he was going through an interview process. After 4 interviews and 2 weeks of distance healing, he got the job! He believes it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Master Marta’s encouragement and positive healing energy.
  • Emma C. requested distance healing from Master Marta for her wedding ceremony and the days leading up to it. Prior to these healing sessions, everything was going wrong. For 1 week every other day, Emma received 20 minutes at the described time and felt balanced throughout the preparations. Everything went even better than expected. 

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