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Digestive issues, Migraines and Stress-Management

Junior Reiki Masters

Do you experience tension headaches/migraines or gastrointestinal/digestive issues?

These symptoms can be caused by stress, overactive thoughts, worrying, and anxiety. Stress, overactive thoughts and anxiety can cause stored energy in the body which can manifest physical issues in the body. These issues have been known to lead to tension headaches, ulcers in the stomach and an unhealthy digestive tract.

Let’s talk about the gut-brain connection.

Researchers have been studying this connection at top organizations in the United States such as Harvard and the American Psychology Association, to name a few. Many organizations, including the holistic and natural healing world has taken peek interest into how the mind-gut are interconnected to heal and balance this connection. According to ‘’ the brain and the gut have a communication network connecting the two through chemicals, such as serotonin (happy chemical), which is mainly created in the gut.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Gut-Mind

A healthy nutritious diet made for your body can help heal digestive issues. When we fuel our bodies with healthy nutritious foods we often can feel that high vibrational energy and will feel healthy mentally and emotionally as well. When our mind and body is under stress it can cause unbalance in the gut area and vice versa.

Personal Experience

Junior Reiki Master Carly has experienced many of these symptoms including tension headaches, body pain and gastrointestinal issues from an early age. A nutritious diet fuels the body, promoting health in the body, mind and spirit, this has been a huge part of Carly’s healing journey.

Throughout Carly’s personal REIKI  journey, she has focused on these issues and experienced the many benefits. REIKI is known to stimulate relaxation and a natural healing in the body, while releasing tension and pain.

The benefits of REIKI in relation to headaches and digestive issues:
 Alleviate pain and discomfort in neck, shoulders and stomach area
 Promote healing of IBS, food sensitivities and acid reflux

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