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Iridology for Immunity

Iridology pic - healing centre in Toronto

Written by Dr. Peter Tamas, Clinical Director

With many people getting through – and most recover form – COVID-19 infections, we learn more and more about the nature of this new disease. No one should underestimate the impact of new illnesses that challenges our lives, nor believe that one can be universally protected from them. However what this new global event teaches us is beyond the specifics of one single virus. It actually is a healthcare and wellness stress-test. Many information reached us from every corners of the world, describing the people who are more susceptible to getting sick and those who fight it off with a relative ease.

Iridology chart - healing centre in Toronto
Iridology Chart

Age is one of the most broadly accepted and know risk factor for more serious symptoms and bad outcome. However the list of conditions are often not age related. People living with heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure and immunological challenges often belong to the darker side of the statistics. And many cases came as complete and tragic surprise for the victims and their families.

Many of these conditions are carried by us without even knowing about them. We live in a world where listening to your own body, sensing the imbalances in your life is often suppressed and overpowered by the pace of your workdays, the forced rhythm of the commercialized, media-filled and peer-pressured “modern life”.

Learn to listen to your body. Your inner signals. They do try to tell you every minute of every day, how you actually are. And if you let those signals be received, if you take the time and effort to cut through the flashy myriad, you will always find yourself and learn more about how you really are.

Living a healthier life – that armors you for grand challenges like this pandemic – starts with knowing more about yourself. Instead of letting a disease point to your weaknesses, learn them and strengthen them preventatively!

Dr. Peter Tamas - Clinical Director, Stem Cell Researcher, Iridologist
Doctor Peter

As an iridologist, I can offer you one way of learning about your health condition better. The iris assessment – aka iridology – can actually reveal underlying conditions that you may not know about yourself. Those organs and health conditions that were found to play a crucial role in fighting this disease – and many others – are represented on the iris for us to assess their condition. So you can learn how to live a more healthy life and which pillars of your system may require attention. To make sure that when challenges like the one we are living through now, reach us, we are fit and ready to fight back.