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Virtual Chakra Balancing

Remote Chakra balancing

My Experience with Virtual Chakra (Energy) Balancing 

Written by: Samantha Crisp  

As we continue to fight the Coronavirus worldwide, businesses everywhere have been forced to adapt to the “new normal” in order to stay afloat. Marta Pap, alternative healer and owner of Healing Centre by the Lake, a Toronto based alternative healing clinic, has been finding new ways to offer the clinic’s services virtually.  

With many businesses having to close their doors, I was looking for a new clinic to receive an energy healing treatment. I have tried various healing treatments and methods over the years to help manage my anxiety disorder and have always found relief from chakra balancing(If you don’t know too much about energy healing or the benefits of this type of alternative healing treatment, you can read about it here) 

Through my google search for a local clinic, I was instantly drawn to the Healing Centre by the Lake (also known as Alternative Healer Toronto), as I have always found being by the water to be calming and therapeutic. Without thinking too much about it, I booked myself in for the Chakra balancing treatment 

A couple of days before my appointment, I was presented the option to do the session virtually. At this point, Toronto was still in full lockdown. I will admit, I was definitely skeptical of how this would work, but was curious to understand how it would differ from the in-person energy healing treatments that I was used to.   

Initially, I was not convinced that the virtual treatment would have the same effect, or that I would feel the same sensations or vibrations throughout my body by doing this over a video call. After voicing my concerns, Marta reassured me that the virtual experience would be just as beneficial and recommended that I give it a try. So, I thought, why not? 

I joined the session with an open mind and instantly felt comfortable and safe in Marta’s presence. The 75minute session included 4 main components. 

Step 1 – (Energy) Aura Assessment:  

Aura Assessment - virtual charka healing

The treatment began with an aura assessment. I told Marta about my current state of being, my needs, and what brought me to her “virtual” clinic that day. While I explained a little bit more about myself, Marta examined the energy fields around my body. I was in complete shock with how spot on her assessment was and how quickly she was able to identify the areas in which I was struggling. Marta waved her dowsing rod as she connected face-to-face with me through our video chat. She communicated to me all of the areas in my body where the energy was stagnant or being blocked from flowing freely. She spoke to me about the seven main Chakras. I learned about the Chakras that were open within my body, and which Chakras were blocked. Everything she was saying made so much sense to me. It gave me a lot of clarity on what I needed to work on to reach my full potential. These negative energies and blockages have been affecting me both mentally and physically for years and I couldn’t wait to begin releasing them from my body.  

Step 2 – Energetic Cleanse:  

Virtual Chakra Balancing

Once Marta had completed her assessment, she asked me to disconnect from our call and listen to a 30-minute guided meditation by myself, at home. While I was listening to the meditation, Marta began the energetic cleanse on my body. Marta, in a different location, started the cleanse with a smudging technique. She informed me that while she was not physically in the room with me, with her gift, she was able to visualize and project my body in front of her, which allowed her to work on my energetic body. Pretty phenomenal, right?  

Step 3 – Chakra Balancing with Crystals   

Virtual Energy Alignment

Once the smudging was complete, Marta began balancing my chakras. She used a combination of reiki, quantum healing and psychic surgery with crystals to begin clearing any deeply embedded negative energies from my body. While this was happening, I still felt the same sensations throughout my body as I had during previous in-person treatments.

During the balancing portion of the treatment, I saw various different colours as I sunk deeper and deeper into a state of relaxationShe explained to me that the colours I was seeing represented the energy frequencies as Chakra colours. For me, the most dominant colours I saw in that specific session were green, purple and yellow. Overall, I would say that I enjoyed being able to be in the comfort of my own home for this treatment. Do I prefer it to being in the clinic? I’m not sure. But I believe that doing this virtually allowed me to feel more comfortable and sink into a deeper state of meditation. 

Step 4 – Consultation and Oracle Card Reading  

Once the meditation was finished, I connected back in with Marta on our video chat. She had asked me what colours appeared for me, and how I felt during and after the meditation. Then she asked me to take 10 deep breaths so she could assess the results of the balancing session, again pulling out her dowsing rod. The session closed off with an angelic card reading  a closing message from the Angels about what I needed to hear most in that moment.   

After each session, Marta updates my Chakra map to keep track of my progress. Chakra balancing normally cannot be completed through one, or even a few sessions. Most people will require around 4-10 sessions to see a significant shift, with the recommendation of spreading each session out about 3 weeks apart.  

For me, this is a healing treatment I plan to come back to again and again. Whether virtually, or in person. My sessions with Marta always leave me feeling lighter, more emotionally balanced, and as if the weight of my past is slowly lifting off of me.  

I know that this type of holistic healing treatment is not for everyone, however, I do believe in trying (almost) everything at least once. I hope that sharing my experience inspires you to give it a try, if you haven’t already. Maybe this will be the healing treatment that provides you with a massive breakthrough in your healing process. Do your research first, and see if energy healing, or virtual energy healing is right for you.   

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