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6 effective tips for chakra meditation

Chakra meditation class in Toronto

There are seven chakras, going from the base of your spine to the crown of the head. They represent different aspects of you mind, body and spirit. Each controls a certain part of the body, but also certain spiritual aspects. They can also be used to help alleviate a lot of different ailments, from heart diseases, stomach problems, and even mental health. Here are six tips while conducting chakra meditation: 

1.Familiarise yourself with chakras
To achieve self healing and development, one must understand the basic 7 chakras and how they work, what they represent and their linkage to different areas of the body. 

2. Set aside time a dedicated place to meditate.
You also need to set up your area with things that are related to this meditation. A large chart of the chakras for an example, is used by a lot of people to help them focus on a particular chakra. Maybe having colored candles, or stones or cloth to hold or light to help you picture the different chakras in your mind.

3. Keep this meditation to yourself
This is to prevent ridicule from your peers or family which may then cause you to lose your faith and determination to proceed. Only when they see the difference in you and ask, you can freely do so. 

4. Be patient and consistent
Every person’s response to this meditation is different as they have their own unique problems. One person may feel the effects instantly, while for others it may take weeks or months as their chakras may be completely out of alignment. Thus, results may take time and even after realignment, they need regular maintenance to keep them that way. Take this as a lifetime commitment.

5. Set goal and fulfill them
You should always have a purpose, whether this is to help heal certain parts of your body, or the put your chakras into balance. 

6. Be humble
You are doing this meditation to improve your life, not make yourself better than everyone else. If people start noticing the difference in your appearance, your overall outlook on life, or that your illnesses start going away, do not brag about it. This can put the chakras out of alignment.