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Summer Heat – How to make the most of it? 

Summer Heat - healing blog Toronto

10 tips on how to make the most of the “heat” this summer? 

The predictions were true for this year, it has been “triple-H” kind of summer in Toronto – heat, haze and humidity – according to Environment Canada.  How can you keep cool & healthy this summer? 

My recommendations are the following:

1. Dip into water 2-3 times daily: whether at home or up in the cottage. Start your day with a cold shower in the morning, also interchange hot/cold water which will increase your blood circulation thus improve your tolerance levels to extreme temperatures.

2. Keep hydrated at all times: throughout the day keep hydrated with lots of water. Alternative to water is to place fruits into your water (such as lemon, watermelon, cucumbers), or make an iced tea with lemon and honey. Also ensure to hydrate your skin with water based products, such as rose water or mineral water.

3. Eat light, make delicious healthy meals: such as salads, and fresh fish. If you have a juicer, freshly squeezed veggies are fantastic! Keeps the body clean and clear, and adds lots of nutrition. One of my favorite juice is: baby spinach, apple and ginger. Also ask me how to make a special Reiki juice!

4. Choose summer sports over the gym: when it comes to exercise chose outdoor sports to keep your exercise routine exciting! Canoeing over to Toronto island, hiking in the escarpments, portaging in Algonquin park, or swimming in Lake Muskoka can be refreshing and great for your body. You work out without noticing and allows you to enjoy your summer week-ends healthy!  

5. Use natural sunscreen, and mosquito repellent: you can find these in natural health food stores. They are noticeably lighter on your skin and work just as well, but don’t contain chemicals. For example natural mosquito repellents use citronella, menthol oil that can naturally keep bugs away. Natural sunscreens usually include raspberry seed oil, coconut oil, carrot seed oil, and Shea butter. 

6. Look for shaded areas: where you can have the option to stay in the shade if it gets too hot. Wear a nice hat that can be practical and fashionable at the same time. 

7. Take time off & relax: meditate and do yoga by the water, or close to trees, where you can observe the four elements such as water, fire, earth, air. Your meditation can go deeper as you observe nature and appreciate the present moment the now. 

8. Have fun & dance: call up some friends you haven’t seen in a while. Life goes by so fast with us being busy. Why not spend some time with an old time friend, and enjoy the good vibes? Make sure to keep the conversations positive, and if any of you wonders off into complaining or negative thoughts, steer it back with gratitude and positive affirmations. 

9. Travel to an exciting place: Even if it is a small weekend trip, look for a place you haven’t seen. There are lots of hidden gems in Ontario or if you’re more adventurous the world is your oyster. If you can also plan a bigger trip to expand your horizon. If I may recommend, Eastern Europe offers wonderful history and lots of thermal water to rejuvenate.

10. Take things lighter: Let go of your worries! Enjoy and say a gratitude each hour. See yourself happy, healthy, exactly as you would like to see yourself! Say how lucky you are with your life and how things are turning

Keep cool & your energies nice and high 🙂 

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