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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

This is the time of year, when many people take on spring cleaning projects inside and outside their homes. Since we put so much time and effort into cleaning our worldly residence, shouldn’t we also do some spiritual spring cleaning in our heart & soul? One of my specialty services is to help people clear the stagnant, negative energies around their homes & offices.

What are some of the initiatives you can do to better lift the energies? 

1. De-clutter & let go of old items that hold dust and no longer serve you 
ie. old papers, documents, broken items, clothes from exes.
2. Open all your windows (and your heart), and let the fresh air in for more oxygen circulation.
3. Use cleaning products that are chemical free, ie. with vinegar or lemon.
3. Burn sage with the intention that you’re burning away any impurities and negative energies.
White buffalo sage with lavender is my favorite!
4. Decorate your home with live plants (or flowers) and desirable paintings to bring more 
life into your space. 
5. Pick crystals that increase the energy flow: amethyst for good health, carnelian for more creativity,
malachite for peace, harmony, pink quartz for love, turquoise for better communication etc. 
6. Use essential oils and a diffuser to enhance the air quality: I recommend getting a variety of essential oils, so you can select a different one daily. For example lavender is calming, lemon is invigorating, menthol is clarifying.   
7. Sprinkle Himalayan salt in front of entrance to purify anyone’s energies before they step into your home. 
8. Place a nice white crystal, or citrine by the foyer to bless everyone who enters your space.
9. Follow Feng-Shui principles to enhance your layout and the flow: ask me about the Bagua map. 
10. Practice yoga/meditation, and positive affirmations to increase your energy frequencies!
11. Use kind words to yourself and others to foster Love with your family/friends, and
read books that bring your dreams closer to manifestation.  

If you still experience stagnant energies in your home and office, please feel free to call me for a consultation. I can certainly check the signs, and examine the root cause of the low energies, then do an energetic cleanse for your home. My house blessings services are very effective and my clients report wonderful results. Examples when homes/condos can benefit most from a clearing are after a break-up, before selling your home, after moving into a new place, someone passing on premises, children sensing spirits, uncomfortable chills around certain areas.